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of the room or building and how it will impact your end users.

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Collaboration is the key to profits and progress. Huddle Rooms have sprouted across the business and government spectrum to meet the demands collaboration requires. CCS has cutting edge ideas and practical solutions to design Huddle Rooms for maximum efficiency. Our specialists will help you boost productivity and collaboration, and the ability to drive more focused work. Huddle Rooms are essential to the modern office; let our experts consult you on the audio visual equipment best suited to meet the objectives of these spaces. Our specialists will design this simple enough for training videos and flexible enough travel the world, depending on your needs.

Call our specialists today to design the perfect AV system for your Huddle Space.

When designing these spaces, consider the common elements used for Huddle Space.

  • LCD or LED flat panel display, wall mounted to maximize space
  • Table or central workspace with chairs accessible to electrical and communication connectivity
  • Camera and microphone or some combination of the two
  • Central control system, even if it’s a master remote or touch screen room control

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When an integrated space is complete a few buttons can trigger complex interactions between video conferencing systems, laptop computers, shade control and much more. To the end-user the experience is seamless; but to the integrator, the process to get there was intricate and involved.

CCS knows that highly qualified, factory trained technicians outperform over and over and earn the highest customer satisfaction ratings. That’s why our entire team of installation and integration professionals is trained extensively on proper installation and integration of hundreds of AV products, for a thorough understanding of complete product lines and appropriate applications. This results in an audio-video expert on every site, every time!