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Have a vital message to deliver, but not quite sure if the congregation can hear you?

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Have a vital message to deliver, but not quite sure if the congregation can hear you?

Wanting to upgrade the system or building a new worship facility?

CCS solutions include simple church audio visual equipment and a savvy tech team that can design the integration of a product into your existing AV system. We have the knowledge of over 75 successful projects for schools, churches and businesses and our specialists treat each project as unique.

Every worship experience is unique, and every facility makes a lasting impression on its visitors. Take, for example, our project at Mount Holyoke College to enhance the sound quality and clarity for the acoustics and vocals in the Abbey and Interfaith Chapels. Whether your facility is old or new, CCS has solutions.

Please call one of our specialists to discuss the following:

  • Installations for multi-purpose spaces
  • Systems for choir practice and event preparation
  • Sound systems
  • Video systems
  • Video projection
  • Room acoustics
  • New construction

Project Portfolio

Sports and Stadiums

When an integrated space is complete a few buttons can trigger complex interactions between video conferencing systems, laptop computers, shade control and much more. To the end-user the experience is seamless; but to the integrator, the process to get there was intricate and involved.

CCS knows that highly qualified, factory trained technicians outperform over and over and earn the highest customer satisfaction ratings. That’s why our entire team of installation and integration professionals is trained extensively on proper installation and integration of hundreds of AV products, for a thorough understanding of complete product lines and appropriate applications. This results in an audio-video expert on every site, every time!