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Why Restaurants Are Switching to Digital Signage with Menu Features

Digital signage is in and the hand-lettered menu board is out in many medium-to-large restaurants in the US. Digital signage is simply more cost-effective and eye-catching for customers, while offering full flexibility to restaurant owner-operators.

Restaurant managers can use digital signage and similar audio-visual solutions to help manage restaurant menu changes, price variances, and image displays. Smartphone and tablet technology now allows menu and pricing changes to be handled via iOS or Android apps or a Web browser interface.

This immediacy means that restaurants can quickly change a menu item, alter a price or introduce a new menu item as it becomes available, all with the touch of a few buttons. And for chain restaurants, with integrated digital signage systems across its locations, updates are easy to change across screens in specified locations.

Here are ways that digital signage is gaining favor with restaurants across the country.

  • Digital Signage is used for inside electronic menu boards, outdoor drive-through digital displays, and outside window signage
  • These displays can promote restaurant specials in real time across its network
  • Owners can schedule and display lunchtime or dinner time specials on its digital signage
  • Displays can highlight upcoming promotions, along with tantalizing images of the food specials
  • Bright HD digital screens can showcase combination meals, drinks and extras
  • Have a restaurant that’s aimed at a drinking crowd? Highlight the range of beers, wines or cocktails on digital signage. Owners and managers can include photos, descriptions, ingredients and more from a spreadsheet.
  • Use digital signage to communicate with loyal/regular customers. Keep customers engaged with sports screens, music/entertainment screens, and local news.

The benefits of digital signage for restaurants, cafes and bars are numerous. Fast updating, wireless connectivity and bright visuals for customers are just some of the overall benefits.  In addition, restaurants and bar owners can benefit from digital signage for any kind of promotion/fast sales for particular items; consistency of offerings across locations in a chain operation, and offering customers entertainment and information in easy formats.

Above all, the price of commercial grade digital signage through a local reseller of major brand equipment includes support, training and customized templates for your restaurant or bar. That’s the kind of audio-visual solutions professionalism that companies like CCS Presentation Systems bring to the table.

CCS works with manufacturers like Panasonic, Epson, Christie, NEC and others to showcase LCD & plasma displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, high definition videoconferencing systems and more. CCS is one of the largest A/V integrators in the U.S. with more than 300 employees, sales offices in 13 states and annual revenue in excess of $115 million. For more information about CCS, visit

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