We take the time to really understand your business needs and the application
of the room or building and how it will impact your end users.


We are an expert in this field.
better solutions since 1991

Corporations face fierce competition to be the greatest at what they offer. The right technology manifests the best corporate culture because it facilitates training of the front line employees, improves collaboration within a community that might stretch across an ocean, and integrates multiple technologies to create an original design with high impact. CCS Presentation Systems designs solutions for corporate communities, whether you need a high definition video wall display or complete control of a room to train employees or collaborate on an idea. Our highly trained specialists will create the perfect audio visual system for you, working to integrate your previous equipment and software to reduce confusion and expense in the integration process. Finally, we top off all of the design and knowledge power we possess with multiple options for training your team so all the technology works to benefit your client.

Designs CCS can bring to you include:

  • Large format video wall displays
  • Seamless and effective Cloud Conferencing
  • Digital projectors for presentation
  • Collaboration tools for training and idea development
  • Digital signage
  • Room control and one-touch command

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