Cloud Conferencing
Conference Room Camera

We take the time to really understand your business needs and the application
of the room or building and how it will impact your end users.


In today’s businesses and schools, the world is possible. Companies expand their client base and impact with international connections; scientists who specialize collaborate and meet with other experts around the country and world; students reach out to learn and connect every inhabited place on the globe. CCS knows and understands these complicated Cloud Conferencing needs.

CCS also offers smaller solutions to help clients connect on their terms. Our teams specialize in implementing conferencing equipment for any environment, from a desk top to a multinational corporate boardroom. We have solutions for schools, broadcast needs, production studios, and more; we offer a full range of cloud conferencing options to ensure crystal clear communication for productive collaboration.

We stretch our knowledge to build; this is what we do to assist the journey from your fingertips to the world.

  • Address the crucial aspects of call clarity and quality with products designed using leading-edge engineering and industrial design
  • Consider whether voices will be uplifted, require freedom of movement, or if a wired microphone for a fixed solution is more appropriate
  • Choose the microphone solution that fits the needs of security, clarity and style
  • Facilitate options – like softphone calls, web applications, on premise vs hosted IP PBXs – that fit with the client’s current and future telephonic and video conferencing system
  • Consult with clients and determine if a wireless VoIP, USB, or IP option is best