White Paper: NEC Display Solutions for Airports

Our digital solutions partner NEC Display Solutions offers up multiple white papers on its site for interested readers. You can find many of these case studies here.

One of the more interesting white papers focuses on digital signage opportunities at airports. Using the latest technologies, municipal authorities and airport planners can utilize digital signage for informing travelers, customers, employees, partner airlines and other groups with split-second timing.

Here are some top takeaways for airport planners and purchasing managers from the white paperairport digital signage for travelers:

Help people get from one point to another. Within the airport environment, flight information digital signage (FIDS) is crucial for keeping travelers updated with the very latest arrival and departure information. Displays located above ticket counters and strategically placed screens throughout the concourse ensure that airport visitors are always aware of their flight status.
Additionally, strategic display placement in heavy traffic areas such as the food court or main entrances can help communicate with your visitors—particularly those in search of basic information such as concourse store locations and services. Interactive touch screen kiosks can be used to support wayfinding (how people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place), and motion-activated screens can directly address passers-by.
Leverage stores and services in airports. Digital signage is an excellent way to leverage the stores and services located throughout airport concourses, as well as local hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Use full-screen advertising to drive customers to airport vendors. Or, maximize your ROI by integrating split or quarter-screen promotional messaging into informational and wayfinding displays.

Increase airport’s advertising presence. NEC utilizes VUKUNET to help airport planners turn its airport equipment expenditures into ongoing revenues. NEC’s VUKUNET is the universal ad platform that connects digital out-of-home networks with the largest grouping of ad agencies and advertisers in the country. Together, this helps airports brig in ad revenues that take hardware, software, strategy and support into account. The automated system works with your existing Microsoft Windows-based content management system, making it easy to distribute full-screen ads—and generate income—across your network.

At CCS Presentation Systems, we often highlight our partners’ white papers that touch on aspects of audio-visual solutions. If you’d like more of these blog posts, leave a note in the comments below.

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