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Using Digital Displays for Employee Communication

The use of digital signage and digital displays is exploding in hotels, restaurants and bars, office buildings, schools and universities. Already, hundreds of retail establishments, restaurants and bars are incorporating audio-video displays into their marketing and communications efforts.

Digital signage displays are often high-definition displays showing targeted content like product or service ads, information clips, weather updates, news and more. This dynamic new signage is easily updated with software for different audiences and different visual needs.

Digital displays are used in key ways: retailers can use digital displays to advertise sales, promotions and event-driven discounts; while restaurants and bars use colorful, large screen displays for highlighting daily specials and to attract patrons inside. Customers and owners alike are recognizing unique and different ways that digital displays effectively promote products, services and marketing campaigns.
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But we’ve also seen a growth in the use of digital signage for employee engagement and internal communication. Companies across the country using digital display solutions from CCS Presentation Systems are seeing major advances in employee engagement.

Here are a few ways your company or organization can use digital displays and digital signage to create new information avenues with employees.

  • Incorporate digital displays in employee gathering areas, break rooms, conference rooms and more. Unfortunately many offices still adhere to poorly presented corkboard or marker whiteboard messaging, which is ineffective and sloppy. Having a digital display in office environments lets companies optimize engaging, relevant information with staffers. Some examples include team meeting calendar announcements, training reminders and instructional notes for shop room floors. It can also be used for fun activities like holiday party pictures, video uploads from company events and executive messages.
  • Is your business a local one, or part of a national or global company? With digital signage, your company can share with employees in different locations the same unified messaging coming from the C-suite, the communication or HR team, or via other approved channels. Best of all is that you can use the trained experts at CCS Presentation Systems to help visualize content streams for your digital displays. You’ll learn how to brainstorm uses for audio-visual solutions using video, text and graphics, localize your content as needed (language, idioms, etc) and create content solutions for each side of your business.
  • With the right software, digital displays can be used for videoconferencing among teams in different locations, or even within the same building. Seeing employees engaging with colleagues on video conference calls is a better communications practice than audio calls, which can be dropped on cells or do not explicitly share body language or facial expressions.

If you’re interested in seeing the latest in digital signage, displays and other audio-video solutions, contact CCS Presentation Systems. We’re the country’s third largest AV reseller of digital audio-visual equipment, systems integration and AV installation practices.

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