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Upgrading classrooms with Interactive Whiteboards

As Arizona students return to the classroom this month, some will see a change in their classroom setups. Instead of old-style chalkboards, they will find interactive whiteboards, developed by leading technology manufacturers across the US and installed by CCS Presentation Systems.Upgrading classrooms with Interactive Whiteboards

Schools in districts across Arizona are purchasing interactive whiteboards due to research that supports their positive impact on learning. Interactive whiteboards are also a cost-effective way to bring advanced education technology into the classroom.

Our manufacturing partner, Smart Technologies, offers the industry’s best interactive whiteboards with its patented, award-winning SMART Notebook software – the engine behind all of SMART’s interactive whiteboards. With it, teachers and students can:

  • Control any computer application
  • Write in digital ink over applications, Web pages or even moving video
  • Save all your work to a single Notebook file
  • Convert handwriting to text
  • Record synchronized audio and data files
  • Access a Gallery of more than 6,000 images, videos, sounds, Macromedia® Flash® movies and backgrounds

SMART’s multiple free services and resources, including software upgrades and technical support, eliminate many ownership costs, making total cost of ownership very affordable. K−12 educators have made the SMART Board interactive whiteboard the most widely purchased and widely standardized interactive classroom whiteboard in the world because it offers the best quality, ease of use and value for both the short and long term.

Ask us for more information on the SMART whiteboards, or general digital display solutions, questions to ask, costs involved and more.

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