Troubleshooting your Audio Visual System

Troubleshooting your audio-visual equipment is generally best left to our trained technicians. We generally recommend a service visit from our team several times a year to maintain audio visual system from CCS Presentation Systems.

But we also want to teach our clients to be on the lookout for some of the more common problems seen in our systems from normal wear and tear. We’ve compiled a few tips below from our technicians who fix the most common problems reported to them by end users.

Do the power or status lights light up?
If the answer is no, then you’ll need to check if your power cord is connected to a known good outlet, and that the power switch on the unit is turned on. If no lights are present with a known good power connection, either the projector’s main power supply or the main controller board are bad, and audio-visual repair from CCS Presentation Systems is recommended.

If the answer is yes, then you should look to see if your lamp is not working or the lamp timer has exceeded the max limit Bad ballast power supply. Bad fan or color wheel Lamp door interlock is preventing ignition. Your user’s guide may give further information based on the status lights.

Does the expected image show at all?
If no, check to see if your image source is working and connected to the proper input on the projector. Laptops need to have their external video port turned on. Test your image source by connecting it to another display device, such as a monitor. If it works there, then connect it to an input on the projector and verify that the correct input is selected on the projector. Remember to test your cable too.

If the image is showing but appears to be poorly focused (with a clean lens), then check the projector menu. If the menu looks OK, check the screen resolution setting on the computer’s display properties. It should match the native resolution of the projector, usually 1024×768 in projectors intended for presentations.

See your user guide for the native resolution of your audio-visual projection system. An overall softness of the image accompanied by some reduction in the brightness of the image may also be described as poor focus. This can be caused by contamination of the internal optics.

At CCS Presentation Systems, we have a team if service technicians who can help you when your audio-visual systems hit a snag or refuse to cooperate. Contact our service team for a visit.

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