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The Growth of LCD Screens and Digital Displays

The landscape of technology continues to grow in startling ways. One of the most visible ways we’re seeing for the growth of technology in our daily personal and professional lives is through digital signage. digital display systems, CCS Presentation

Digital signage is the industry term used for equipment describing anything that displays content to a viewer or audience. This can range from a single LCD screen displaying server-controlled content on a conference room wall, to several LCD screen positioned over the restaurant or bar’s serving area, or a full video wall with a wide array of content.

These types of digital display systems are increasingly being used in churches, schools, corporations, retail establishments and more. As more people become accustomed to seeing content on screens across the U.S., it’s no surprises that sales are up for manufactured digital signage systems.

According to Digital Signage Today, LCD public display shipments were up 23 percent year over year, according to the recently released NPD Display Search “Quarterly FPD Public Display Shipment and Forecast Report.” That growth coincides with an increased size in the digital displays. The same report notes that “Leading vendors of commercial public displays are now focusing on 40-inch and larger sizes, conceding that the demand for medium-sized (26 to 39 inches) digital signage can be fulfilled by TV-grade products, according to the study.

Using digital signage in most indoor and some outdoor environments is a great way to push out marketing messages, inform audiences and display information to large groups of people. This is due to the ease and adaptability of working with the content. Because of the electronic nature of the content, the words, images and video within can be changed pretty quickly. You can change from scrolling images and graphics to a more interactive setup for the images, graphics and video.

When companies want to deliver messages in compelling ways, or have their employees informed in a non-intrusive manner, digital messaging is, today, the best way to go. That’s why CCS Southwest works with many of today’s leading LCD display manufacturers, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi, NEC, Sharp and others, helping our firm to provide best-level pricing, priority product allocation, priority technical support, and customized offerings.

Our expertise at integrating these A/V solutions for corporations comes from years of experience with design, installation, maintenance and training. Our installations range in scope from basic conference room set-ups to top-level, complex communication systems in auditoriums to conference halls. Contact us today!

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