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The Digital Signage Explosion: How Your Business Can Benefit

Look around: Print signs and painted billboards are vanishing from American roads and highways, and in its place audio-visual solutions are emerging. Digital signage, flat-panel displays, interactive displays – these are the terms used for the HD technology explosion that’s taking over offices and conference rooms, classrooms and government buildings.

Digital displays are everywhere: in restaurants and bars, hotel lobbies, casinos, conference centers, spas, classrooms, board rooms and many other locations. Digital signage encompasses a full range of audio-visual solutions, including high-def displays, liquid crystal displays, plasma displays, electronic scrolling message boards and more. Flat-panel displays can be mounted horizontally or vertically.The Digital Signage Explosion

And the market is still evolving faster and faster. The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show proved that Ultra HD is the next big thing in digital signage. Flat Panels HD site wrote:

“Ultra HD is the next revolution in resolution, and also referred to as 4K at times. It has 4 times the pixel count of a Full HD TV, which means that over 8 million pixels (3840×2160 = 8,294,400 pixels) are required. It is an incredible amount of picture data that you can start taking advantage of on TVs around 60-70 inch sizes (maybe smaller if you sit very close to the TV).”

Museums in particular are using digital signage in new and unexpected ways, with new art forms taking shape in a mix of video, sound, words and imagery. Display manufacturer Christie points out five benefits to how an alluring digital signage component can be beneficial to patrons:

Eye-catching digital displays help to bring your museum’s design to life; Museums can promote special exhibits and upcoming events with gorgeous HD displays A museum’s restaurants and gift shop can be advertised effectively with digital displays Interactive touch screens can offer visitors museum directions and information digital signage helps to engage visitors with multi-touch content for further exploration

So, your business is ready to make its investment in commercial grade flat-panel displays or multi-touch screens; where do you start? Purchasing digital signage, HD monitors, interactive software and integrated controls to run them is out of the league for many business owners. Many turn to outsource the purchase of digital audio-visual systems to qualified professionals.

Digital signage professionals can help business owners understand the latest technologies, multi-touch capabilities, interactive programs and more. It’s also important to know what type of hardware is required, installation help needed, and any further training involved for the audio-visual solutions.

Using professional integrators offer key benefits in understanding the screens, systems, consultation, training and implementation. Find reputable audio-visual solutions providers like CCS Presentation Systems, which offers high-quality, on-time project installations of any size in all types of environments. The firm offers solutions from simple installs to multi-million dollar integration projects, from school classrooms to world-class resorts. Any business looking to build its arsenal of digital equipment should look to CCS Presentation Systems.

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