Tech Savvy Teachers Can Enter Education’s Top Technology Innovators

Are you a top technology innovator in the classroom? Are you helping to use technology to transform education efforts in your local sphere?

If so, then you might want to enter the Center for Digital Educations’ contest to learn about new ways that schools are being transformed through technology. Celebrating Education Technology Innovators is the vehicle to find the best and the brightest in digital education. Those selected will be highlighted in the Center’s 2013 Yearbook. It’s about time some recognition is bestowed on these individuals and teams who show consistent effort to expand the learning boundaries.

As The Center for Digital Education wrote:

“Too often these unique individuals must toil long hours and combat skepticism at every turn to see their ideas reach fruition. Once implemented, their efforts become best practices for others to model and follow. The 2013 YEARBOOK is about getting these thought leaders the recognition they deserve by celebrating their efforts and impact.”

Nominees should come from all areas of the digital education environment. This includes individuals and teams who are making the difference with tech tools and digital education. Nominees could include teachers, principals, administrators, presidents, volunteers, school tech staffers and others.

The key thing to remember in making your nomination is to know and be able to write briefly about the individual’s impact and innovation using digital tools to transform education. Here are the criteria to check before your nominate a digital educator: Tech Savvy Teachers

  • How the person has worked over the past year to help improve education with digital tools
  • What has been the impact of those efforts on student achievement, school/college/university, local, state and national scene?
  • In which ways were creativity and initiative enabled to make change?
  • How was the direction of the leadership to drive the change? Nomination deadlines are July 10th.

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