SYNNEX offers Solutions for Healthcare

SYNNEX Corporation, a business process services company, developed their PROHEALTHSolv solutions to address the rapidly changing needs of the healthcare industry. Their suite of solutions are segmented into the market’s three parts: ambulatory care, acute care and long-term care and by roles within each part: provider, administrator and payer, so that the specific and unique needs of each may be addressed. SYNNEX solutions bring tremendous efficiencies to each type of practice and offer many different technical and back office services to help healthcare organizations enhance their business.

The PROHEALTHSolv solutions suites include an array of features.

  • Administration and Billing: Manage and integrate operational, financial, and clinical information to increase efficiency, profitability, and revenue flow.
  • Dictation: Speech enabled EHR, speech recognition, and transcription solutions help a physician’s office run efficiently and cost-effectively. These solutions ensure that doctors will save time and that their notes will be accurate, legible, and effective.
  • Notebooks and Tablets: Mobile computer platforms enable healthcare providers to track assets, chart patient information more accurately, keep information accessible, and increase overall operational efficiency. Innovative, web-based systems allow providers to view detailed medical histories, review test results, and submit prescription information to the pharmacy.
  • Electronic Health Records: Electronic Health Records (EHR) increase efficiency, improve documentation, enhance the quality of care and security, and reduce cost and expenses. An effective EHR system can help medical organizations run faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors.
  • JEMS Technology: Telemedicine provides onsite physicians an innovative and effective way to consult with specialists, to quickly make more accurate decisions with diagnosis and treatment. This HIPAA compliant, real time video to mobile phone or wireless tablet solution is designed to enhance patient care.
  • Physician Point of Care Dispensing: Allows in office medication dispensing to increase service quality and client satisfaction. Now, physicians may instantly stock, dispense, and bill for commonly prescribed medications within their practice.

Together with SYNNEX, CCS Presentation Systems can give healthcare organizations solutions that will enable them to enter new vertical markets, venture deeper into their existing healthcare practice and enhance patient care. Call us today for a consultation with one of our healthcare specialists at 480-348-0100 and, learn more on our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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