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SAFE System Keeps Students Safe

School districts have a duty to provide children with a safe, secure and peaceful environment in which learning can occur. But, unfortunately, school safety is an ever growing concern for our teachers and children. At the gateways of our schools, it is becoming more common to see metal detectors and security guards. Schools have implemented safety plans and prevention programs. But, even with these precautions, safety concerns still exist. Audio Enhancement developed the SAFE System to address safety situations that occur in the classroom.

The SAFE System is an alert notification system designed to work with Audio Enhancement’s classroom amplification systems. Using the built-in alert button on the transmitter, a teacher wearing the pendant microphone can discreetly send a signal for help. An entire network is immediately alerted to respond promptly and appropriately to any situation.

We can’t predict the array of medical and injury-related emergencies (asthma attacks, diabetic crises, epileptic seizures, sudden cardiac death, chemical exposures) that can occur in students and staff at school. And regardless of the severity, all medical incidents need immediate and appropriate response.

Bullying has become a national concern. Not only do we see students threatening each other, but, we see them threatening and attacking teachers. Teachers and administrators have a need to monitor, intervene and correct such behavior before it leads to tragic circumstances.

Fighting such as pushing, shoving and name-calling can escalate into violent situations that affect more than the perpetrators and victims. School personnel need the ability to step in before things get serious and students get seriously hurt.

Weapons brought into the school present the most extreme emergency. These situations are unpredictable as there is no reliable or accurate profile of “the school shooter.” Having an informed staff that can instantly summon authorities is key to the best outcome possible.

Every day, teachers bring every tool at their disposal to help their students learn. Now, Audio Enhancement’s SAFE System brings them the tools to keep their students safe. CCS Presentation Systems specializes in providing innovative technological solutions to educational entities. Contact CCS in Scottsdale at 480-348-0100 to speak with one of our specialists and visit our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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