Recording Instruction Benefits Teachers and Students

Audio Enhancement, Inc. envisions an educational system where every classroom is equipped with innovative technology to empower learning at the highest level. The EduCam360 was developed to provide educators, administrators and students the ability to see the entire classroom and record instructional lessons for the benefit of teachers and students.

With the ability to record the classroom, the EduCam360 can assist teachers with evaluations and promote best practices. When teachers have the opportunity to review their lessons and share with peers, they can learn what adjustments to their methodology and delivery will engage students more deeply. Instructional coaches and administrators may review video recordings on their own time rather than schedule themselves into the classrooms to observe teaching live. This affords them the opportunity to reach more teachers more often, to collaborate and share feedback on instruction.

Teachers also have the ability to record lessons for their students. This allows absent or homebound students the opportunity to never miss instruction. And, lessons may be cataloged and stored so students may review past lessons and reinforce retention. In addition, with the ability to pre-record lessons, teachers can flip the classroom. This occurs when students access lessons online, outside the classroom, and use their class time the next day to reflect and go deeper into the lesson. Pre-recorded lessons may also assist substitute teachers, so that the school day remains as productive as a regular day with their teacher.

To learn more about Educational technology like Audio Enhancement’s EduCam360, contact CCS Presentation Systems. Our education specialty team is made up almost entirely of former educators and administrators, resulting in a greater understanding of the modern learning environment. Contact our southwest headquarters in Scottsdale at 480-348-0100 to speak with one of our specialists and visit our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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