New Epson Document Camera for Higher Classroom Engagement

 In Mid Atlantic States

Today’s K-12 education classroom continues to evolve in their use of audio-visual solutions for educators and students, alike. Students are bringing devices from home and synching up with teacher tools like SMART Boards, audio systems, HD projectors and document cameras.

Epson America has raised the bar for educators with the recent release of its new Epson DC-12 document camera. By giving educators a new tool to enhance the student learning experience, Epson is helping teachers to increase the opportunities for student engagement. The DC-12 has all the right features to stimulate learning.

The Epson DC-12 document camera’s HD image quality and HDMI connectivity enables the camera to load and display clear text and sharp, colorful images. Plus, it has an amazing feature that allows images to be viewed at the same time in their original format and also in a zoomed-in view. The two images are shown in separate windows, letting the students study a zoomed in image of say New York City, while retaining the perspective of the original image.

The DC-12 provides up to 1080p output resolution, HDMI connector and a 16x digital zoom for detail display. There is also a built-in microphone and video component to help teachers capture lessons for sharing with the students on the school website, for instance.

Epson is making the DC-12 document camera available this November through national resellers like CCS Presentation Systems and via As a key partner to CCS Presentation Systems around the country, Epson continues to drive innovation for schools and universities everywhere.

For more information on the new Epson DC-2 document camera, contact CCS Presentation Systems. We are one of the largest groups of audio-video integration companies in the country, bringing AV products to organizations from top-line manufacturers.

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