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Maximizing Flat Panels Displays in Conference Rooms

As businesses look to upgrade their internal audio-visual technology needs, the first question they face is: How do we decide on the use and integration of a flat panel display or a projector in the main conference room or auditorium? The key factors to discuss are the size of room, image quality, connectivity options and ease of use.

That question is what Epson America is looking to answer for companies from the SMB level up to large enterprises. When it comes to maximizing meeting productivity and using audio-visual solutions in a conference room space to its best advantage, Epson is there to provide insights and advice.

Using Projectors

Projectors from Epson are designed to provide all the essential needs of meeting spaces. The high image quality is seen in Epson’ award-winning projectors, which display visual clarity at a competitive price. Epson projectors (available from CCS Presentation Systems) offer advanced setup and connectivity features. You can see that expertise in action via Epson’s BrightLink collaborative whiteboarding solutions. Images, text, video and presentations are projected onto any flat surface, such as existing whiteboards and tables. This turns those static surfaces into interactive digital whiteboards.

See a glimpse of Epson’s interactive digital projectors in action:

In addition, Epson’s EX-series provides high levels of brightness, measured in lumens. There are two variances for luminosity – one for color and one for black and white. Epson provides both specs for potential buyers, so they have a deeper knowledge of overall image brightness. Click over to Epson America for more information and technical details on the lower-cost VS-Series or the PowerLite® 1700-Series projectors designed for entrepreneurs and mobile professionals on the go.

Maybe your business needs a new look at projectors for the boardroom, meeting venue space or auditorium? If so, contact CCS Presentation Systems for full-service integration of all your audio-visual equipment and integration. Besides our friends at Epson America, we can offer many styles and models of flat-panel displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, high definition videoconferencing systems and more. CCS is one of the largest A/V integrators in the U.S. with more than 300 employees, sales offices in 13 states and annual revenue in excess of $115 million. For more information about CCS, visit

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Every job is custom, but most corporate clients are interested in a variety of presentation systems including projectors, projection screens, large-format flat panel displays and high definition video conferencing. Additionally, CCS has the ability to integrate a room control system to provide total control over your audiovisual components.