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Making Schools Safer with Audio-Visual Monitoring and Alert Solutions

Among the hottest topics likely to be the most discussed in the new year is what kinds of safety measures can Americans put in place in their schools for their childrens’ safety.

Since the Dec. 14 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, proposals in several states ranging from requiring schools to have armed guards on standby, to teachers possessing firearms have been met with astonishment from most parents. In fact, one New Jersey school district voted to have armed guards at their schools in 2013.  Surely, many of them think there has to be a more efficient way to creating safety measures in our nation’s schools.

One company is offering a new solution for schools’ safety that doesn’t involve guns or guards. Salt Lake City-based Audio Enhancement is selling its SAFE (Security Alert for Education) systems for schools throughout the country. The company’s SAFE system is aimed at schools looking to provide another layer of protection to students in their midst.

Here’s a recent CNN News feature that shows how the Safety Alert button built into Audio Enhancement’s teardop microphone used for vocal amplification can be used to snap a picture of disturbances, bullying, medical emergencies and more.

The SAFE system from Audio Enhancement provides video cameras which are connected to the network to provide a live feed from the school site. Monitoring stations assure that in case of emergency, first responders can know exactly what is going on at the school. Using digital audio-visual solutions, this real-time information is accessible across the Internet, delivered to computers, laptops, smartphones or tablet devices, so critical decisions can be made to prevent tragedies. The system is being sold in many states, including Arizona, through audio-visual systems providers like CCS Presentation Systems.

“The majority of situations involve a teacher needing assistance handling a disruptive student or breaking up a scuffle,” Audio Enhancement’s President Jeff Anderson remarked recently. “A principal or other administrative staff member can be in the classroom in moments to prevent the escalation of an incident,” Mr. Anderson said. “Medical emergencies can be as varied as asthma attacks to a seizure. The SAFE System can help the teacher to summon assistance in any of these situations.”

What is critical right now in American schools is for school districts to evaluate their audio-visual systems in place and take an inventory for what is needed to help keep schools safe in the future. Modern alert systems, audio-visual school systems and more can provide the ultimate security for all types of schools and educational institutions. Timely help for teachers is critical to resolving both small matters and life-threatening ones. Issues can be contained before they possibly escalate into major incidents.

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