Innovative Audio-Visual Technology Solutions Grow in Luxury Hotels

We often get to work on innovative projects with great manufacturers of audio-visual equipment who themselves work with some of the world’s leading technology companies. When these great partnerships happen, exciting projects take shape.

Some of the more exciting projects happening in audio-visual technology solutions are in luxury hotels. Digital Trends Magazine writes about how high-end technologies are making guest stays at luxury hotels that much more enjoyable.Innovative Audio-Visual Technology Solutions Grow in Luxury Hotels

Digital Trends writes:

“Technology is an important part of the home, and what better way for hoteliers to make guests feel at home than to provide them with state-of-the-art technological amenities? We are talking about a deeper level of connectivity than a simple iPod dock, or a reliable Internet connection in your hotel room. The trend in luxury hotels across the globe is a simple touchscreen with an easy-to-use graphic user interface that can control all your room’s amenities, such as lighting, air conditioning, TV, movies and music. These systems also have the capability to handle communication with the front desk, housekeeping, concierge, and checkout. The modern hotel also offers staff facility-wide monitoring and management capabilities.

“In fact, most of the major control companies are already entrenched in the hotel market, from Control4 to Crestron and AMX to Apple. Needless to say, hoteliers are jumping on the control bandwagon, which is the “wow” amenity of the moment that puts luxury hotels a cut above.”

We wrote about how one of our manufacturers Crestron was making life easier for Microsoft managers. Crestron’s ingenuity is noted in the article on their technology solutions work in hospitality projects:

“Crestron’s Hospitality solution is up to the challenge, monitoring and managing centralized AV sources and lighting controls for all areas of a hotel from a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device and a local Crestron touch screen. As with Control4 systems, Crestron’s offers a number of ways to cut back on electricity consumption, from dimming systems to occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting. In-room amenities, including security, AV, and HVAC are standard.

The environmentally minded Gateway Canyon Resort in Gateway, Colorado, for example, uses a Crestron system to control hotel-wide functions, including the Kiva Lodge, a 38-room hotel with fitness center, spa, café and pool area. The Crestron CP2E system controls AV and background music distribution throughout the lodge. Wall-mount touch screens and keypads adorn the luxury space for walk-up, one-touch control.”

If you have more interest in knowing how audio-visual technology solutions are taking shape in luxury hotels, then click over to the story. CCS Presentation Systems is one of the leading providers of audio video products and solutions in the nation. Our company is currently ranked the 3rd largest audio visual systems U.S. integrator (System Contractor News).

CCS provides high-quality, on-time project installations of any size in the most demanding of environments – from simple accessories to multi-million dollar audio-visual integration projects, from school classrooms to world-class resorts, CCS provides superior audio video products, services, and solutions to meet the unique needs of every client.

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