InfoComm 2013 with Crestron RL Microsoft Lync Demo

At the recent InfoComm 2013 show in Orlando, CCS manufacturing partner Crestron showed off the capabilities of its Crestron RL, which brings Microsoft Lync to the conference room.

Crestron RL’s ease of use makes it attractive to corporations of all sizes around the US.  Meeting organizers can go into the Crestron RL-equipped room, start a video conference, share content and interactive whiteboarding elements, all by clicking a few buttons. Any meeting participant with access to a mobile device or network connected computer can join the conference remotely to communicate, share documents, and collaborate with partners, colleagues and clients.

Microsoft Lync enables communications for people between desktops, enabling presence, telephony, video and content sharing. In a conference room, a meeting will be set by the organizer in Outlook. Using this method will send out a link to all the attendees by using the Create Online Meeting button. This will bring the link to the conference room. Then users will hit the join button and instantly connect to other attendees and have access to the meeting agenda.

Content and video are important. Attendees can annotate over the content and control it from the touch screen in the room. Other participants can take over as the presenter and annotate over the content. Crestron RL users can collaborate and communicate over the RL link, using instant messaging capabilities in this link-desktop environment.

Another option is to create a whiteboard, where attendees can create over the whiteboard. Guests to the meetings can also be summoned to the meeting through the Crestron system.

At CCS Presentation Systems, we work with many of the leading technology manufacturers to bring new efficiencies to companies with state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions. If you want to link your teams together in video conferencing setups like the Crestron RL system, contact us at CCS Presentation Systems and we’ll help you find out more.

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Every job is custom, but most corporate clients are interested in a variety of presentation systems including projectors, projection screens, large-format flat panel displays and high definition video conferencing. Additionally, CCS has the ability to integrate a room control system to provide total control over your audiovisual components.
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