How Government Agencies Can Benefit from Updated Audio-Visual Solutions

We recently wrote about our work with an older historical building in Arizona, and how our installation and integration teams worked with the architect to help modernize the audio-visual solutions at the Pinal County Courthouse in Florence, Arizona. In other 2012 projects, the CCS Presentation Systems Arizona team worked with building tenants to upgrade already modernized facilities. One project in particular that stands out is CCS’s work at the Arizona Corporation Commission building, which is having its public opening this week.

The Commission, which functions as more than just a public service utility commission, with its dealings in legal, securities and corporation regulatory works, needed to upgrade its existing facilities and worked with CCS to facilitate and integrate new audio-visual display solutions in its building areas. government audio visual CCS Presentation Systems

The Commission wanted to extend its capability in its hearing rooms, and the sole existing room wasn’t enough for all its work. The organization needed to extend into a second hearing room. This process began in late 2011. CCS worked together with the Commission’s team to discuss budgets, appropriate use of equipment and more.

Once the project’s scope was decided and the CCS team came in, we worked to integrate new AV displays for the audience on the side and towards the back of the room for the audience. The display setup also included the AMX eNova fully digital backbone, with everything run over CAT5 cabling to particular input plates which include VGA and HDMI used at every location.

Another feature of the integration of the equipment is that the system has a digital signal processor to allow for teleconferencing in this meeting space. The functionality will help Arizona Corporation Commission board members to teleconference in and be part of that hearing or meeting scheduled on particular days.

There is also an integrated hearing assist system in place. It’s a complete loop system, made feasible with a special ribbon cable installed before the new carpeting was laid. This allows those with hearing aids to pick up that audio signal for ease of listening, along with the visual displays. And with a digital broadcast capability also built in, there is an opportunity for ACC meetings to be streamed or archived on the Web for later use as the organization sees fit.

If your government organization is looking to add Web-enabled audio-visual display systems into its existing physical space and framework, contact CCS Presentation Systems. We can help get you up to speed with the latest business technology available on the market today.

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Every job is custom, but most corporate clients are interested in a variety of presentation systems including projectors, projection screens, large-format flat panel displays and high definition video conferencing. Additionally, CCS has the ability to integrate a room control system to provide total control over your audiovisual components.
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