Hitachi is 21st Century Stained Glass

For centuries, stained glass windows have beautified houses of worship, told bible stories, and inspired those who looked upon them. Their beautiful colors create a calming effect that can console troubled hearts seeking peace. It has been largely speculated that stained glass windows have had a more profound impact on the people, than the sermons themselves.

But today, modern houses of worship are using multi media projection to do all that, and better serve their congregations. Projectors can be used to display scripture or song lyrics, and also utilize the power of imagery to bring messages to life with dynamic visual displays and graphics. This not just encourages congregations to follow along but allows them to make better connections to the messages of faith. Projectors also bring flexibility with their ability to change the scenery to match the mood of the sermon.

Multi media projection has become the stained glass of the 21st century. And, leading that mission is the Hitachi CP-WU13K DLP® projector.

Because many churches have bright ambient light, it is important that the projector used can produce sharp, bright images with natural and vivid colors. The CP-WU13K comes with a powerful 13,000 lumens and advanced 3 chip DLP technology.

To ensure interruption free operation during services, the CP-WU13K is equipped with a highly reliable dual lamp system. If one lamp stops functioning during use, the second lamp activates and projects the image with no interruption.

In large worship halls, projectors are often installed far from the screen. The CP-WU13K is compatible with a variety of long throw interchangeable lenses to match various screen sizes and installation environments.

CCS Presentation Systems specializes in AV projection equipment for any venue large or small. To find out more about the Hitachi CP-WU13K or other projectors, please call us in Scottsdale at 480-348-0100 to speak with one of our specialists and visit our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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