Digital Signage Impacting Education and Business

Digital signage continues to grow in our society in increasing ways. More and more, flat-panel monitors are displaying two-dimensional or three-dimensional content on color-filled LED or HD screens in restaurants, bars, libraries, schools, businesses, casinos, entertainment outlets and more. Estimates vary, but growth is staggering. Intel has suggested that the growth in digital signs will reach some 22 million signs by 2015.
Digital Signage CCS Presentations
The growth of digital signage has coincided with the lowered cost of components for HD screens and flat-paneled monitors. There is also a growing emphasis on reaching consumers who are always ‘on the go’ and marketers are recognizing this, and shifting their marketing budgets to digital media.

And from a pure visual point of view, digital signage allows for content to be displayed quicker and more efficiently, while having richer (HD) colors and viewed in a clean, aesthetically pleasing manner. No more tacked-on posters at the end of the hallway or supermarket aisle announcing promotions.

More and more, digital signage in company locations is being used to provide employees with current and upcoming company information, including industry news, company share price, video programs and more. Guests to the company location also are entertained by digital signage with news, weather, stocks, and general audio-visual content.

Digital signage is also impacting education organizations – there are opportunities for multimedia for projects, student activities, teacher announcements, class availability and much more, shown on monitors reaching students, faculty members, in classroom or dormitory locations.

Working with digital signage is one of the elements that make CCS Presentation Systems a leader in presenting digital audio-visual solutions. Digital signage is a great benefit to learning, entertaining and capturing a visual presentation. In a nutshell, digital signage is effective and efficient. There’s a reason it’s called ‘rich’ content.

Our audio-visual systems integration is generally controlled by personal computer and software programs at the school, office or entertainment venue. When CCS consults with your organization, we offer not only the audio-visual equipment, but also the dedicated integration with your existing systems, comprehensive training on how to manage your systems and strategic ideas on how to use the audio-visual systems to enhance future prospects for your business or education location. Contact us today.

Expand Your World Beyond Your Physical Walls!

Every job is custom, but most corporate clients are interested in a variety of presentation systems including projectors, projection screens, large-format flat panel displays and high definition video conferencing. Additionally, CCS has the ability to integrate a room control system to provide total control over your audiovisual components.
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