Are Classroom Cameras Big Brother?

What is your response to the idea of video cameras in the classroom? Is the first thing you think of “Big Brother?” Some may feel cameras are am invasion of privacy. Others may fear they will be disciplined for every misstep. You too might have reservations, if you don’t know about the benefits of this technology in the classroom.

School districts that have piloted and adopted cameras in the classroom are finding that the benefits to teachers and students far outweigh any of their preconceptions. Teachers who were given total control over what to record and with whom to share videos were amazed by the differences in their classes.

In classrooms with cameras, negative behavior diminished and positive behavior increased. One school reported a 40% decrease in office discipline referrals. Students reported paying more attention when they thought they were or could be recorded. So, the presence of cameras has caused the culture in the classroom to change, becoming more productive and conducive to learning.

One teacher found a benefit to recording a special presentation. She was able to post the video online for students to review and assign a homework project due the following day. A student who had been absent on the day of the lesson was able to complete the assignment because he could watch the lesson online. The ability to use a camera to record and post the lesson meant the teacher did not have to spend extra time to catch this student up and the student didn’t fall behind.

Another school’s “Teacher of the Year” used the video for self-reflection. After seeing herself on video she was able to recognize that she was not giving the students enough wait time to answer her questions before talking again. The video gave the teacher the opportunity to see what she could not hear in administrative assessments. From this opportunity, not only did this teacher refine her instructional technique in the classroom, but she shared the video with administrators so they could use it as an aide to coach other teachers on best practices.

Audio Enhancement’s VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window) will give you a new perspective on using cameras in the classroom when you see improved student performance and higher quality teaching. VIEWpath provides:

  • Teacher controlled cameras
  • Anywhere, anytime access to recordings
  • Shareable recordings for professional learning

To learn more about AudioEnhancement’s audio visual technology for classrooms, contact CCS in Scottsdale today. Our technicians can be reached at 480-348-0100. And, stay connected with us by visiting our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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