Christie Digital Weaves MicroTiles Magic in Texas

Multi-digital display technology is rising in use on college campuses nationwide and one of its prime movers is Christie Digital, one of the manufacturing partners of CCS Presentation Systems.

As one of the top innovators in visual technology, Christie’s digital display solutions and projector  work reveals itself in a variety of projects, from retail displays and Hollywood films, to mission critical command centers, classrooms and training simulators. Christie display solutions and projectors capture the attention of audiences around the world with dynamic and stunning images.

Recently, Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas implemented a Christie MicroTlles digital wall display for photographic and video education content to be used with simultaneous instruction. The university instructors can select the information sources or data to display, and can show, adjust and change multiple images. The Christie Spyder X20 image processor finishes the process and gets the chosen selection displayed.

For an exciting look at what a Christie Digital MicroTile wall looks like, see this video clip below for its amazing clarity and color reproduction:

The MicroTile display’s excellent color and brilliant resolution make for excellent viewing (even for detailed images from spreadsheets or graphs) that’s viewable from any angle or distance in the amphitheater-style classroom. It’s a flexible, smart and interactive audio-visual solution for instructors using the display wall.

Christie MicroTiles digital walls combine both DLP® projection and Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to produce brighter images and a wider color palette than conventional LCD or plasma displays.

The university chose Christie Digital as a manufacturer because the Christie MicroTiles have more resolution than any other audio-visual solution available. Plus, the tiles are relatively maintenance free, meaning that the university’s costs can remain low over the long term.

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