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CCS Texas Completes Innovative A/V Installation

CCS Texas recently completed an installation that brings the outdoors inside utilizing A/V technology. CCS helped create a sensory experience in the Houston location of international business and technology service company, Logica.

CCS designed a unique set of spaces, integrating the latest in high-tech A/V equipment, to engage visitors’ senses and cleanse them of the distractions from everyday life. The seven rooms are all controlled by a Crestron docking station and can be managed by an Apple iPad.

Examples of some of the out-of-the-box creations include:
• Transition Room: entrance to series of conference rooms; offering sound protection foam and ceiling mounted speakers to cleanse the visitor of extraneous noise. A 46” LCD screen is mounted on the wall.
• Demo Area One: showcases a unique display of older technology; i.e.: record players, walkmans, typewriters, tape players, 8-tracks. A 46” LCD screen is on a tilt wall mount.
• Outside Area: designed to bring an outdoor experience to the visitor with NEC 2×2 40” LCD video wall, showing one image spread across four screens.
• Collaboration Room: offers a space for parties to meet, brainstorm and generate new ideas. A SMART Unified Projection System, two PC SMART Boards, 52” pole mounted LCD and cabling for laptop connectivity all controlled by the Crestron docking station.
• Boardroom: provides a large room to present ideas and conduct business. A 65” LCD screen on a tilt wall mount is the main focal point, ceiling mounted speakers, a Tandberg 3000MXP video conference system, multiple table microphones and wall mounted camera, all controlled by a wireless docking station, and an Apple iPad.

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