CCS President’s Club awards CCS team members for excellence in customer service

CCS Presidents Club event in Sedona – March 31-April 3.
(Picture caption) Top salespeople from across the country joined together in Sedona, AZ to celebrate their achievement with CCS owners and manufacturing partners. Winners included (l to r) – Abe Assad, Cassie Wells, Heather Trenholm, Tony Piowarsy, John Trimble, and Zach Potter (not shown).

The CCS President’s Club, which is an annual sales program, was created to recognize CCS’ outstanding employees who have been instrumental in the company’s success during the past year. The program provides incentives for employees in all CCS regions and rewards them for meeting company performance goals and recognizes their service to fellow team members.

Founder of CCS John Godbout, who is also the CEO of the Arizona and New Mexico regions joined the inductees to award them for their dedication and hard work. Additionally, the executive teams from many of the CCS regions were in attendance along with several manufacturing partners.

“Employee retention has always been important to us and when you have team members generating sales that have contributed to the company’s best overall year in its history that’s definitely worth celebrating,” said John Godbout. “We are thrilled to continue the President’s Club retreat and look forward to doing it for many years to come.”

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