CCS Midwest: Get to know Troy Youngblood, our newest Project Manager

A bit about Troy, from the man himself:

I have been in the low voltage industry for 20 years. I had been an Operations Manager in structured cabling for the last 16 years before joining CCS Presentation Systems. Before that I was an owner of an office furniture installation company subcontracting to many office furniture retailers throughout Omaha and Lincoln. In my personal time I am heavy into the sport of professional BBQ. I am the owner of a small BBQ business called Camo Cowboys BBQ and when not BBQing for people, you can find me at a BBQ contest throughout the Midwest. I am a Kansas City BBQ Society Master BBQ Judge, a Certified Table Captain and am now training to become a KCBS Contest Representative. I also am a competitive cook. In the rare occasion I am not doing something BBQ related, you can find me hunting or doing gun training classes including handgun and tactical training at the American School of Karate & Judo.

I live my life like a table standing on four legs. The legs of my table consists of Faith, Family, Freedom, and Friends. Without each of those legs the table would not be able to stand.

I look forward to a long and prosperous career with CCS Presentation Systems bringing some of my operations and project management experience to the company.

Contact Troy to welcome him aboard!

Troy YoungBlood

Installation Project Manager

CCS Presentation Systems – Midwest

Office: 402-331-3230

Cell: 402-740-9214

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