7 Seriously Sweet Video Wall Installs by CCS

Our July 2016 client newsletter contained a blog on the top 10 need-to-knows of video walls, from understanding the heat the equipment emits to the importance of being active in the application planning phases. We wanted to include a top 5 video wall installation lists since this topic was so much fun, but we couldn’t pick five favorites out of the seven we included, they’re all just too cool!

Award-winning Casino Arizona at Salt River’s Bingo Hall – Scottsdale, AZ

Casino Arizona at Salt River – Scottsdale, AZ

CCS installed over 140 55” NEC video wall monitors in a variety of configurations. The majority are 2×2 systems in Willows Bar, Pima Bar and Grill, and in the Bingo Hall. In addition, CCS installed two 2×8 configurations in the Bingo Hall and an overhead scoreboard flanked by 2x2s hanging from the ceiling. Guest Services features a 4×5 wall back to back with a 4×6 wall inside the Arizona Grill. Both of these are connected to a TVOne Corio Master video processor so they can show multiple windows on the walls in several custom layouts created exclusively for Casino Arizona. All of these systems are controlled by AMX touch panels in the various areas. The backbone of the system is a Magenta Research system with approximately 100 sources available to the various displays.

The goal of the project was to boost the casino’s high definition audio visual system and set them apart from every other casino in Phoenix with stunning video wall displays in key focus areas, including: The Bingo Hall, Guest Services, Willows Bar, Arizona Grill and Pima Bar and Grill.

Talking Stick Resort – Scottsdale, AZ

Designed in conjunction with Casino Arizona, CCS is using its years of experience to create and install an impressive new venue in Scottsdale, AZ. Over 1,000 speakers and 100 displays will be spread throughout the 15 story hotel, casino and conference center, featuring a continuous video wall of fifteen 103” plasma displays on a custom designed lift system.

All audio systems, visual displays and digital signage throughout the new Talking Stick Resort including the 15-story hotel, state-of-the-art casino and fully equipped conference center. Opened—Spring 2010.

Zion and Zion Advertising Agency – Tempe, AZ

Grand Canyon University – Phoenix, AZ

Maricopa County Court Towers -Phoenix, AZ

CCS implemented elaborate audio visual technology across the court’s lobby, 16 jury deliberation rooms, six conference rooms and four training rooms. Dual stacked lobby docket monitors, measuring 12-feet high, display court schedules showing where a certain case is being held for lawyers, jurors and guests, representing a true way-finding application. Touch panel controls were installed in the jury assembly room to operate the side-by side dual displays for sending analog or digital signals for cable TV, movies, Internet application and primarily for “agile jury.” The monitors display all of the panels and jurors’ names and numbers, alerting them to head over to the staging area for organizing jury panels. A camera focuses on the presiding judge for addressing jurors on what to expect and the process ahead on 64 monitors in the main assembly area.

The goal of the project was to give jurors and individuals who have been summoned a much better experience over that of the nearby 1950s court building, made possible with a big boost in technology.

Services Group of America – Scottsdale, AZ

“The literal centerpiece of SGA Corporate Center’s high-end conference room is its pentagonal plasma video display system, weighing nearly 1 ton. A major challenge was designing a structurally sound and maintenance friendly lift mechanism that doesn’t intrude on the room’s sight lines or elegant aesthetics. Dominating the space is the conference table, a massive wooden structure measuring 40ft. across and seating 32. The idea was to seamlessly incorporate technology that would enable everything from local PowerPoint presentations to company-wide videoconferences.

Another key requirement for the room was for the conference table to provide an uncluttered look, while still providing laptop connectivity and voice pickup of meeting participants.”

Services Group of America wanted to seamlessly incorporate technology into its new corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.

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