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VIEWPath Creates Learning Success

Audio Enhancement’s VIEWPath (Video Interactive Education Window) is a fully integrated audio and video solution for use in educational settings, like classrooms. VIEWPath integrates Audio Enhancement’s classroom audio systems, the Security Alert for Education (SAFE) System, and the powerful SAFARI Montage platform to create a comprehensive suite of teaching tools. VIEWPath is solving many challenges that schools face every year and making their teachers and students more successful.

VIEWPath can be utilized in multiple ways.

Flip the Classroom: This hot topic in education literally means flipping instruction and homework. Teachers record a lesson and save it to a server that students access at home, using any internet enabled device. Now, class time is used for questions and discussion. This facilitates better collaboration, going deeper into the material and improving student engagement.

Create more Learning Opportunities: Recorded lessons can be viewed and reviewed at any time. So, all students (including those that are homebound) can keep pace.

Teacher and Classroom Evaluation: By watching recordings of the classroom, teachers can improve their own teaching style and monitor student engagement.

Share Best Practices: Teachers across the school or district network can schedule observation of classroom lessons, to gain new strategies, ideas and more effective lesson plans.

Create a Digital Library: Lessons, science experiments, student presentations, etc. can be prepared ahead of time and cataloged in an online library. This ensures that learning continues in the event of teacher absences. Examples of best practice can be shared in the future.

Send Emergency Alerts: The integrated SAFE System microphone and camera allow teachers to immediately notify responders to emergency situations, by giving them access to video and audio streams of the classroom.

After Hours Monitoring: Motion sensing cameras record activity after hours, giving the building more security.

Viewing of Special Performances: Record student performances or guest speakers so that authorized users (including parents) don’t miss their child’s special moments.

Technology like Audio Enhancement’s VIEWPath is helping educational entities improve teacher and student learning experiences. At CCS Presentation Systems, we have a strong history of support for educational entities and a great interest in our clients’ ultimate goal of integrating technology to increase student engagement and retention. To learn more, contact us in Scottsdale at 480-348-0100 and follow us on our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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