SMART’s New Touch-Enabled Interactive Projector To Help Raise Technology Progress in Schools

Our partners at SMART Technologies have created another bar-raising audio-visual solution for the classroom. SMART is launching the world’s first fully-integrated touch-enabled interactive projector, a touch and pen-enabled projector that allows two students to simultaneously interact and collaborate with either a pen or finger, making it the only interactive projector solution that enables rich, seamless multi-student collaboration using either touch or pen.

The SMART LightRaise™ 60wi interactive projector gives classroom users the opportunity to turn almost any surface into an interactive learning space. Now, teachers and classroom educators can deliver digital content with finger-enabled touch functionality. The benefits of this great new tool help to increase accessibility and ease of use. Using their fingers or an interactive pen, two students can simultaneously write, draw and manipulate content in SMART Notebook software.touch-enabled projector

Many of the schools we talked to at CCS have often shared with us this possibility of collaboration on the SMART system. Touch functionality and interactive displays are becoming ever more common in many areas of life, so this is an excellent innovation to offer schools an integrated interactive projector with touch, as well as SMART Notebook software.

The LightRaise 60wi projector uses SMART’s proprietary DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology, it provides advantages to users like zero-force touch, image scaling to large sizes (up to 100 inches!) , and it also supports multiple touches. The SMART projector is designed for use in classrooms to teach lessons and help students collaborate on projects. The LightRaise 60wi projector eliminates most shadow and glare and delivers a crisp, bright image. Click here to get more information on the LightRaise 60wi projector.

Working with audio-visual solutions like the LightRaise projector helps to keep our job fresh and exciting. CCS team members can share this with your school, so that you can learn how exciting technology upgrades for the classroom can help enhance the education experience of learning, sharing and collaborating. The LightRaise 60wi projector complements SMART’s line of interactive displays which provides solutions for every type of classroom and learning style.

For teachers who want the flexibility to deliver interactive and collaborative digital content, this is a great addition to your classroom.  CCS will provide an overall solution with training, installation, control systems integration and maintenance. CCS Presentation Systems US’s third largest reseller of digital audio-visual equipment, systems integration and AV installation practices. Contact us for more information on SMART systems and other major manufacturers’ audio-visual equipment offerings.

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