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SMART Boards and Classroom Technology

K-12 education has been transformed in recent years by the growing use of technology in the classroom. One of the leading examples of the innovative technology seen in classrooms is the SMART Board, an interactive whiteboard that operates as part of an overall audio-visual technology solution.

Schools across the United States are investing in children’s education with Smart Boards as part of an audio-visual system that includes the interactive whiteboard, a computer, a projector and SMART Notebook collaboration software. Classroaudio-visual technology solutions CCS Presentation Systemsom teachers and school administrators have found the Smart Board technology instrumental for teaching particular subjects, training students and teachers, conducting interactive meetings and delivering presentations.

These interactive boards are operated by an active digitizer that controls the writing capabilities via text input, drawing or handwriting. The Smart Board interactive whiteboard uses passive pen tools, which means that no technology is housed in the pen tool to use digital ink or determine color.

One of the essential tools for the Smart Board is its ability to capture every step of a particular lesson or activity for students to review at a later time. The built in SMART Video Recorder allows teachers to record notes, images and writings on the board. Having this technology in place in the classroom gives students an extra hand in reviewing notes and presentations.

Schools and school districts usually work with audio-visual systems integrators and audio-visual solution providers to assess, integrate and implement Smart Board training in the classroom. After all, this significant investment requires not only the hardware and software work involved, but also the integration with existing audio-visual components already in the K-12 classroom.

“Educators have exciting challenges today to bring about new forms of learning with technology,” says Julie Solomon, Marketing Director at CCS Presentation Systems, a leading provider of SMART board integration for schools. “This type of integrated technology in the classroom has been proven to accelerate learning among students, and motivate them to learn to think creatively. We feel that it’s really essential.”

While school districts around the nation face uphill budget battles in their communities, emphasizing a move to new forms of interactive learning is expected to grow in the coming years.

Teachers already have a array of interactive resources to choose from in helping to educate students. Emphasizing training for teachers and administrators in using the SMART Board and its tools becomes a priority for companies like CCS Presentation Systems, says Ms. Solomon.

“Our team works closely with schools, universities and educational organizations to consult on and implement classroom technology, then our full-time SMART Certified Trainers spend a solid amount of time to train those who will be using the interactive system,” she says. “This ensures that the teachers will learn to integrate this new technology with their everyday curriculum and become comfortable more quickly.”

Interactive learning remains a high priority for school administrators, parents and students themselves. As our consumer world is being overrun daily with new technology innovations, it’s a crucial step for the future of learning in the United States for schools to open up budgets and invest in interactive whiteboards in school districts. A child’s education needs only a small first step to go onto greatness.

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