SIAA Study Shows Schools Able to Maintain Adequate Levels of Technology Integration

A recent study on technology integration in schools shows that schools have been able to maintain adequate levels of technology integration, though generally not to the levels desired by educators due to budget shortfalls and other reasons.

That’s the findings of the Vision K-20 Survey from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIAA), which polled 1,600 responders and compared three years of data. SIIA found that educatiotechnology integration CCS Presentation Systemsn institutions are mostly maintaining their level of technology investments in each of the five measures of progress: Enterprise Support, 21st Century Tools, Anytime/Anywhere Access, Differentiated Learning, and Assessment Tools.

The study’s participants said despite current technology use lagging behind their ideal level, schools are continuing to implement technology amid slashed budgets. The Vision K-20 Survey cites various reasons for the maintenance levels being what they are for technology integration. These include teachers using existing levels of technology; or turning to free or inexpensive digital content and resources, or even redirecting funds to technology from areas like print materials for digital resources.

This year’s study was the first year that educators to share their perceptions about their current and ideal levels of technology integration. The three questions asked to those surveyed were:

  • How well does your education institution currently integrate technology?
  • What do you feel is the ideal level of integration for technology in your educational institution?
  • How important is integrating technology into your educational institution?

The report’s findings cite that several open-ended responses indicated a lack of funds from district or institutions contributed to the lack of increasing technology implementation within institutions.

Some of the technology priorities for schools uncovered in the report include use of tools like learning management systems, online tutoring, online assessments, audio-visual systems, e-portfolios, broadband, security access and data-tracking systems.

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