New Line of Interactive Digital Displays for Schools and Businesses

Schools and businesses should take a close look at the new lineup of wireless digital LED displays introduced recently by Panasonic.

Panasonic’s fully interactive LED digital displays are under the LFB70 series banner. The new series of displays showcase amazing visual clarity, come in three sizes (50”, 65” and 80”), and are packed with state of the art features like wireless connectivity, multi-touch screens and more.

Users of the LED digital displays can utilize a finger or a stylus pen to activate the six touch points on the screen. In addition, users can save whiteboard pages of text and data, and email them directly from the display to any user’s smartphone. This delivery can be done without the need to install any software, or connect the displays to a PC or other computer device.

Panasonic’s LFB70 series features high speed wireless transmission of content through Miracast software.  Typical content like full HD video files can be sent from mobile, PC and tablet devices to the Panasonic displays. This is ideal for corporate users who might have a presentation or a brief to present, but it resides on a user’s smartphone or tablet. Transfer of materials is easy and works seamlessly with the LFB70 digital displays.

Panasonic is riding a tremendous wave of innovation. Between the new LED displays from Panasonic and its amazing HD camcorders that were showcased in June at CCS headquarters, the company is taking the lead in high quality audio-visual solutions across the spectrum of digital equipment.

Your school or business needs to take a new look at the range of digital technology that can transform your operations and communications. Contact CCS Presentation Systems for full-service integration of all your audio-visual equipment and integration. We work with manufacturers like Panasonic, Epson, Christie, NEC and others to showcase LCD & plasma displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, high definition videoconferencing systems and more. CCS is one of the largest A/V integrators in the U.S. with more than 300 employees, sales offices in 13 states and annual revenue in excess of $115 million. For more information about CCS, visit

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