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How Touchscreen Technology is Changing our Lives

The mighty touchscreen technology continues its wave of advancement upon our society. Used on smartphone display pads, tablet computers, interactive kiosks and more, touch screen technologies are changing the way humans interact with each other and with electronics.

At work, touchscreens are impacting the way that businesses operate, the way students are taught, and the way humans interact with entertainment and commerce functions. Even the way we shop is different.How Touchscreen Technology is Changing our Lives

If it’s midnight and your favorite retail store is closed, you can flip up your tablet’s touchscreen, press a few keys and be ordering that perfect item.

Sometimes, touch screen units are outside a store’s physical location for customer access. Want to place an order at the deli for pickup in the AM? Interact with the kiosk’s touchscreen pad no matter what time of day it is. Touchscreens are used in airports, train stations, government buildings and many other public areas. In fact, the infiltration of interactive touchscreens may even be surpassing the rise in digital signage solutions across the country.

In fact, the New York City Subway system is beta-testing several 47-inch touchscreens that will help subway riders with interactive maps of the subways system, offer up best ride possibilities and more.

Gizmodo wrote: “As with the touchscreens in the subway’s existing ticket-vending machines, interacting with the screen will require more of a firm poke than a soft capacitive-style touch. But while the basics are the same as your iPhone—an LCD display with a touch sensitive overlay—the difference is in the touch layer, which in this case uses 3M-built dispersive-signal technology. Rather than using an electrically conductive layer like capacitive touchscreens, the DST screen has sensors in its corners which calculate the position of the touch based on vibrations from the touch impact.”

How can your business, educational organization or government office utilize touchscreen technology into your workplace? Maybe you can use touch screen displays to do a daily read on employees’ attendance. Or you can use touch screen displays to secure your warehouse and inventory goods?

Leading manufacturers like SMART, NEC, Mitsubishi, Christie and others are creating state-of-the-art digital displays and touchscreen signage that can help your business stay current, win more customers and drive new streams of revenue.

As the world becomes more visual and less text-oriented, it’s time to start speaking in sight concepts. Contact CCS Presentations Systems, one of the US’s leading AV resellers of digital audio-visual equipment, touchscreen equipment, multi-media solutions, systems integration and AV installation for more information on digital display solutions and other major manufacturers’ audio-visual equipment offerings.

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