Growth of Document Cameras in the Classroom

Teachers and presenters – are you looking for a fast and easy way to bring new technologies into your classroom at a lesser initial cost? Maybe it’s time to try a document camera.

Using a document camera is a super efficient way to bring an enhanced audio-visual solution into the classroom. These cameras are typically attached to a digital projector and give the presenter the power of projecting documents, images, 3D objects and more onto any screen or wall for the audience to see. document camera, CCS Presentations

Some schools systems have jumped right into using document cameras. While these may not have the current cachet of an iPad or similar tablet, or even a digital video wall, document cameras can hold their own and do exactly what’s needed to communicate with audiences in an effective manner.

What’s exciting about document cameras is the ability to foster more engaged learning using them. A teacher can model a task live under the document camera, for instance the dissection of a frog. The steps can be captured as a video or a series of still pictures which can be used for future presentations or sent to participants later via email or other digital means. Large groups of students in classroom can see and learn better using the visual assistance of document cameras, which help project small items, text, images, videos and more in a much bigger way.

CCS Presentations Systems offers a range of different document cameras for your classroom or auditorium. One of the newer more popular versions of these cameras is the affordable Recordex SimplicityCam5 line of document cameras. These cameras are perfect for classroom use – they feature a flip-up camera head for recording the presenter or class, and the camera is great for capturing student presentations or creating content for a flipped classroom model.

The Recordex offers options to view, record and annotate in HD; there’s also zoomable annotation over live images and a 2D and 3D MultiView.

Using document cameras in the classroom can eliminate or at least drastically reduce any type of photo copying of documents as in earlier times. Instead of photocopies of a document for every student, teachers can project one document via the camera for students to view the one sheet collectively. If you’re a teacher and could use a demonstration in your classroom, feel free to contact us so that we can show you some of the many benefits of the Recordex document camera. Check out the camera offerings at

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