Digital Signage in our own Backyard

CCS works with clients in the government, education and corporate fields every day. It’s our job to express to them the advantages, benefits and beauty of using digital signage. We need to stay on top of industry trends, product developments and costs to let our customers know they are working with the best.

For that reason, we too need to showcase the latest systems in our own office. Our Arizona office hosts an open house during the year to showcase our manufacturing partners’ latest products and overall programs. And we always use what we sell.

In our California headquarters lobby, we installed this Tightrope Media Systems digital signage solution earlier this year. We use the audio-visual solution to greet our customers, recognize important dates and achievements, and make other announcements about our business, new products, training, company events and more.

In addition, the system displays include media related to our installations and projects that we have worked on during the year. This digital signage solution serves as a fantastic way to inform, educate and acquaint customers, clients and friends with CCS Presentation Systems and what we do.

In a nutshell, CCS helps you get your digital signage solution current with today’s technology. We’ll tailor a specific need with the right products, training, maintenance and more at the right price. Contact us for information on how CCS Presentation Systems can help you implement a digital signage solution into your space!

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