Digital K12 Classroom Solutions at InfoComm 2014

Among the many exciting innovations seen at the recent INFOCOMM 2014 in Las Vegas are the K12 classroom-based audio-visual solutions. Essentially, all the moves going forward are about interactivity. K12 classroom educators know that without classroom interactivity, it’s hard to keep kids’ driven and motivated. It’s urgent for classroom educators to know how to engage kids with the right interactive classroom tools from digital manufacturers.

And that’s what was on display at InfoComm 2014. According to a recent article in K-12 Tech Decisions, K12 students more and more are expecting school technology to match their own tech tools at home. Whether it’s Dad’s Chromebook or Mom’s iPad that they are used to using, students expect the same within their classrooms.

School educators are responding to this demand. The schools that CCS Presentations Systems sees on a regular basis are updating not only their digital equipment systems, but also modernizing their teaching methods to focus on how to combine digital collaboration and media interactivity. On the whole, if a school project can be more interactive for students, the learning curve can also be easier.

At InfoComm, Samsung showcased its Samsung School interactive learning solution that combines Samsung tablets, learning software displayed on an interactive display and a wireless printer. Using the system enables teachers the ability to distribute content to student displays and monitor the screens of student devices to make sure everybody is on track. Here’s a video that shows more from the recent BETT world interactive technology show:

Here’s another example from InfoComm of CCS manufacturing partner NEC which highlighted the interactivity of its DisplayNote product. This great interactive tool gives students and teachers the opportunity to share content and collaborate wirelessly on an NEC projector or display. For classrooms looking to drive interactivity, Display Note is a great addition to the collaborative learning tools kit.

For information and a demo on these products and more, contact CCS Presentation Systems.

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