CoreFocus Interactive Solution Used in K-1 Common Core Curriculum

Developed for Kindergarten to grade 1 classrooms, CoreFocus is a comprehensive digital content solution that enables teachers to immediately integrate an interactive whiteboard content solution into their classroom.

Launched in June 2012 by SMART Technologies CoreFocus is packed with more than 2500 research-based math and literacy lesson activities delivered in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and designed for the U.S. Common Core State Standards. It comes available in both Windows and Mac versions.

CoreFocus comes with intelligent navigation software, which enables teachers to search content by skill level, to add content and to create lesson plans. Developed for child students aged 4-8 years old, the interactive activities of CoreFocus were built on research culled from classroom studies. The program implements approaches that are shown to be most effective in increasing the educational aptitude of early learners.

Having SMART Technologies CoreFocus in the classroom is an added enhancement to learning. The interactive solution can help these young learners through the use of kinesthetic, auditory and visual methods, as well as engaging audio content that supports specific instruction.
CoreFocus CCS Presentation Systems
CoreFocus activities are designed to support skill progression and are organized by pre-emerging, emerging, developing and developed skill levels, with each activity aligned to the U.S. Common Core State Standards.

Some of the features of the SMART Technologies CoreFocus program include:

  • Easily find activities by standards alignment and add them to the activity calendar;
  • Utilize the built-in assessment tools, including question sets for the SMART Response interactive response system;
  • Track progress and collect data for individual students throughout the school year;
  • Browse content library by correlated curriculum standards and skill levels, and
  • Use the keyword activity search to find activities for a specific theme or topic, developmental level or group size.

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