Character-Driven Digital Signage – Wave of the Future?

Once in a while, we see a news item from the digital signage industry that takes us aback. One of those came last week, when we read at that Casio is entering the digital signage business later this month with a new tool aimed at bringing new marketing possibilities to retailers.

Casio’s new digital signage tool is a character-driven, digital display that plays back specially created content that matches the signage characteristics. The end goal is to drive passers-by to walk into a certain retail establishment.

What’s fascinating about this initiative is not that Casio (one of the manufacturing partners of CCS Presentation Systems) is working with characters (such as the grocery store models seen at left), but rather that these digital characters will be placed in and around the store entrance to catch customers’ attention and hopefully get these people to walk inside. Sounds like a clear audio-visual solution, a much more interactive use of digital signage than we’ve seen overall on the market for B-to-C communications previously.
Character-Driven Digital Signage

According to the Casio press release, “The screen itself is actually shaped like the character, which can be freely selected to match the characteristics needed to bring people into a given store. The character’s appearance and voice can be changed easily to keep repeat customers from losing interest. Casio Signage is also very compact and requires no installation work, making it easy to place almost anywhere in the store. It also offers multilingual support for visitors who speak various languages, and its light source lasts approximately 20,000 hours.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Retailer provide Casio with a still image (perhaps of the company spokesperson or mascot) and text. Casio then animates the image and adds the voice. No video production is required for stores. 
  • Available languages include English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and more. 
  • Casio can provide cloud services such as digital coupons for customers with smartphones. 
  • It features a small 18″ x 21.10″ footprint. No installation work is required. 
  • Long-lasting light source: The Laser-LED Hybrid Light Source by Casio delivers approximately 20,000 hours of life.

This clearly goes to show that the digital display and digital signage world is constantly innovating. If you’re a business seeking digital displays for your rooms, venues or elsewhere, contact CCS Presentations for insights, consultation and installation. We will work with you to determine your needs, the ideal setup and the appropriate price points.

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