CCS Presentation Systems Highlighted in Wireless Mics Industry Supplement

The use of wireless microphones is growing in certain markets like government defense programs, higher education and for-profit education applications. And CCS Presentation Systems is seeing much of that business, That’s the outlook offered by Rod Andrewson, CCS Manager of Engineering and Project Management Services, in a new look at the wireless microphone industry segment.

In a new Systems Contractor News Integrated Guide, the scenario for wireless mic usage looks good. But as Andrewson points out it’s key to counsel clients on the proper use, technical aspects and maintenance of wireless microphone use.

“Clients are more knowledgeable about wireless microphone security,” Andrewson said. “But wireless can be costly and complicated if not well planned out for the application.”

Andrewson suggested that AV professionals seek to teach clients of the benefits, options, applications and more for the wireless mic systems. In doing so, you’ll open client’s eyes to the best product for their particular application.

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