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CCS Partner Christie Launches New Mobile App for Projector Control

This blog recently wrote about a growing connection between the audio-visual solutions community and today’s information technology pros. As more technologies cross over and interact in various applications, it becomes less about the technology used and more about the needs it is fulfilling.

A technology need for audio-visual solutions pros is being filled by CCS manufacturing partner Christie. Christie announced that is launching a new mobile app for wireless projector control for end users and installers. The app was available to iOS device users in late June at the Apple app store. Among the applications Christie see its use is in classrooms and boardrooms, houses of worship, government facilities and museums, where projector use is a common work task.CCS Partner Christie

Here are some of the controls mentioned by Christie at its wireless app product page:
Single or multiple projectors

  • Projector discovery
  • Projector on/off
  • Shutter on/off
  • Test pattern selection
  • Input selection: main & secondary
  • Projector orientation
  • Fade to black on/off
  • On-screen display (OSD) on/off
  • Lens control: zoom, focus, offset
  • Lamp control

For those audio-visual solutions professionals working with projectors, the Christie InControl™ App should help them manage projector functionality from a wireless perspective from turning the projectors on and off, selecting test patterns, control shutters, lens zoom and focus to more advanced options on Christie projectors.

For more information on developing audio-visual solutions for your organization, contact
CCS Presentation Systems.

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