Casio Stacked High Brightness Image System at CES 2013

Among some of the announcements from the recent Consumer Electronic Show 2013 and last week’s Digital Signage 2013 show in Las Vegas included some new innovations from Casio America. (CCS Presentation Systems sells Casio America products through its network). Casio America showed off two new products at the shows – both designed to work in collaboration with a wide range of digital signage applications.
CES 2013

Casio’s Projector Stacking System features Casio’s LampFree LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source. If you’re a business or school working with curved surfaces, its YA-S10 Converter System allows a single projector to display images on curved surfaces. Both systems were exhibited last week by Casio at the Digital Signage Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 27-28, 2013. Using a single light source through several projectors through the stacked image system, users can project images on flat or curved surfaces, even cylindrical columns.

This unique light source makes it well suited for digital signage solutions, for indoor and outdoor high-brightness projections on multiple surfaces. Casio noted that the application could “increase efficiency and streamline costs for retailers and business owners alike, further raising industry standards.”

Here’s a video showcasing the recent product launch:

Here are snippets relevant to our customers from the Casio Press release:The Projector Stacking System, designed with two Casio projectors stacked on top of one another, projects two high-quality images, which the YA-S10 Converter System control box then merges into one screen. It is available in two different models; the XJ-SK650 and the XJ-SK600. Both of these models provide roughly twice the lumen output provided by a single projector.

  • The YA-S10 Converter System control box focuses on image alignment with each of the projectors in the Stacking System. When the YA-S10 Converter System correction box is connected, both projectors can also project high brightness images at any angle making the Projector Stacking System useful for digital signage, sports bars, house of worship and many large venue audio-visual applications.
  • When used separately Casio’s YA-S10 Converter System enables users to project images onto curved pillars, round areas, flat surfaces or any unique shape. The system is set up to adjust any image misalignment or distortion without the need for additional hardware.
  • Since there is only minimal loss of brightness even during long-term use, it is useful for those heavy-duty applications involving frequent use of projection such as retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, offices and other environments. With an estimated life span of 20,000 hours, both systems are designed to ensure low maintenance and streamlined costs.

If your business is investing in digital signage in 2013 and is interested in learning more about these types of large image projectors, contact CCS Presentation Systems. We are a provider of Casio projectors and can work with your staff to help integrate them seamlessly into your business. Find us at

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