Audio-Visual Tools in Today’s Business

Digital technology accessed via the Internet is probably THE story of 2012. Everywhere you turn, people are accessing all types of audio-visual content on any one of a number of devices (smart phone, home TV or PC, multimedia tablet, games console, or other mobile media device).

Content producers – apps developers, gaming companies, movie and TV production firms and people like you and me – are busy producing, marketing and distributing more content to consumers. And in turn, consumers audio-visual solutions CCS Presentation Systemsincreasingly expect to be able to watch anything, anywhere, at any time and via most, if not all, devices.

Because of this accelerated form of content consumption, companies and organizations need to evolve rapidly to keep pace with these technological changes.  Companies are quickly adopting new audio-visual technology solutions that bring multimedia content into new playing fields for business partners, customers and industry analysts.

Digital audio-visual integration’ is the latest buzzworthy phrase to encompass partnerships that bring together audio-visual consultants with state-of-the-art business technology. From multimedia presentations to fully-enhanced audio-visual technology tools in both the business environment and the emerging digital K-12 classroom, this systems integration of hardware and software components, control systems and multi-media displays is creating new vistas for business and education. It’s also leading to advanced consumer expectations and ultimately more growth and jobs.

Companies like the W Hotel are embracing digital technology components for advanced audio-visual solutions. Sound and background music at The W Hotel is considered part of the distinguishing experience for the hotel chain. It is this attention to detail that makes the W one of the world’s finest hotel experiences for discriminating travelers.

In its work with CCS Presentation Systems, Arizona’s leading audio-visual systems integrator, the staff at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ felt that each of its areas should have its own sound and digital environment, with its own separate control system to allow for a variety of music and volume options. CCS installed unobtrusive speaker systems in all the public areas of the hotel – the lobby, hallways and elevators; the inside and outside bars, meeting rooms and the pool deck. A special system was designed for guests to even experience music while underwater in the pool. In keeping with the hotel’s distinct sense of style and fun, custom video displays of gesturing women automatically turn on when men step up to use the bathroom facilities.

It’s clear to see why marketers are using digital audio-visual tools to bring about this synergy of content and communication. It’s part of the ongoing quest to gain awareness, reign in customers and potential customers, and grow brands. As digital audio-visual tools have become common practice in profitable enterprises, it’s no wonder that using digital tools for marketing encourages and strengthens marketer-customer relationships, and increases the potential for innovative partnerships and the growth of customer bases.

Every growing organization today should be looking at how to better use technology and multimedia content in their businesses, restaurants, hotels, organizations, schools and leisure facilities. It’s not the wave of the future, it’s now. Time to ride the wave.

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Every job is custom, but most corporate clients are interested in a variety of presentation systems including projectors, projection screens, large-format flat panel displays and high definition video conferencing. Additionally, CCS has the ability to integrate a room control system to provide total control over your audiovisual components.
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