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Audio-Visual Solutions for Churches to Drive Attendance and Presence

Every week, hundreds of thousands of Americans visit churches, houses of worship and other large sacred gatherings in large environments. Part of the experience treasured by visitors is a growing multi-media experience, complete with state-of-the-art audio visual solutions, including digital displays, large video walls and modern audio systems.

Many churches even enhance their worship and sermon experiences by using digital projectors, huge projection screens and illuminating lights integrated with the overall control system. All of these new tools can enhance a church service’s visual experience. What are some of the areas a church should look into to upgrade their current setup? projection screens for churches

Multi-screens Incorporating a state-of-the-art digital signage system could be the best thing for a church to help grow its attendance, donations and weekly presence. Integrated with A/V software, these screens project your church’s sermons, announcements, messages, events and more, to the congregation.   

Simulcast Technology Some churches with multiple locations have started to use simulcast technology. By integrating one location’s A/V feed from the pulpit to several others via the Internet and integrated control systems, attendees can have the same worship and teaching experience. One Scottsdale, AZ church – City of Grace – uses simulcast technology for its weekly pastor services between its three area locations.

Interactive Components Interactive components like touch screen kiosks within the church campus can also offer opportunities for church visitors, for automation donations, directions, staff inquiries and more. These touch screen devices can also be linked to sticker labeling systems for tracking children in the kid’s rooms for safety and accuracy.

Projectors and Displays A/V teams at churches synch up videos on laptops connected to digital projectors for maximum impact. Managing these multi-screen digital display solutions in church environments takes experience and training. With this, church A/V teams have the potential to create images across screens for striking visual presentations and much more.

If you’re a church or house of worship seeking to invest in a fully-integrated audio-visual system, look to work with an AV integration company like CCS Presentation Systems. CCS provides full-service integration, installation, maintenance and training of audio-visual solutions for churches and houses of worship. Visit CCS Presentation Systems for more information.

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