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Adding Digital Cinema Projection to Your Business

Today’s movie theater operators must feel like they are in a version of Moore’s Law, the famous idea generally describing the rapid (every 18 months) overhaul of computer technology. With the advancements of digital film technology, it’s imperative for movie theater operators and other large venue screen projection facilities to stay abreast of this fast-changing technology.

There are choices between the types of projection technologies, two approved pixel formats (resolutions), and technologies for 3D, a high value add-on for digital cinema projection. And lastly, there is the choice of an audio visual consultant and vendor.

Adding Digital Cinema Projection to Your Business

Our partners at Christie Digital Systems USA detailed some of the options open to large venue theater operators in a recent white paper.  Choosing the right projection technology has the greatest affect on image quality, as well as on other factors important to theatrical exhibition, including functionality, reliability and cost of ownership.

“For instance, a 4K image has twice as many pixels in both the horizontal and vertical directions as a 2K image, which results in four pixels in the space a single pixel occupies in a 2K image,” wrote the white paper’s author. “Since the pixels are half the size in each direction they are proportionally harder to detect. This becomes more important for wider screens, since the increased width of the theater places more seats closer to the screen.”

One argument made for 4K is simply that it has far more pixels than 1080p high-definition televisions. Why would patrons come to a theater to see almost the same number of pixels they can watch at home? One reason is that digital cinema images are far better than even the best home video formats (e.g., Blu-ray Disc™). Compared to Blu-ray Disc, digital cinema images have a wider color gamut, four times the color information, up to sixteen times finer gray shade resolution and have been compressed far more lightly with a compression scheme that inherently creates less visible artifacts (JPEG 2000).”

If you are seeking digital projection for your business or theater operation, contact CCS Presentation Systems for insights, consultation and installation. We will work with you to determine your needs, the ideal setup and the appropriate price points.

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