5 Benefits of Commercial Grade Digital Signage

As digital signage becomes more popular with schools, businesses, restaurants/bars, and other venues, some business operators are looking to shave costs on equipment, installation and overall usage. As prices of consumer use digital displays aimed at homeowners continue to drop, some business owners are opting in and choosing these displays for their business and commercial use. And overall, that’s a bad idea.

Digital displays aimed at consumers are not built for the constant use these devices get in restaurants, casinos and other entertainment venues. Once these consumer displays reach the six-month mark, signs of wear and tear of overuse start to appear. These owners then see that they lost money on the low-end digital signage units. Educating these operators on the benefits of commercial grade digital signage vs. consumer displays can help them to make a more informed decision about their audio visual solutions.

Benefits of Using Commercial Grade Digital Signage

Most commercial grade digital displays are large-format LCD screens that are built for viewing from a distance anywhere from 10-20 feet away. You see examples of these in bars, restaurants, casinos, schools, corporate lobbies, sports stadiums and entertainment venues. The benefits of using commercial grade digital signage in these instances are:

  1. Major digital signage manufacturers like NEC, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and others build these commercial-grade panels specifically for longer use operations. These screens are intended to be on for 10, 12, 16 hours a day in some businesses. These commercial grade displays will by far outlast the consumer versions you’ll find at big box stores.
  2. Commercial grade displays are visually brighter and sharper looking than their consumer alternatives. This is because the commercial grade screens are manufactured for specific levels of brightness as a standard. Extra modules with backlights are used to better show sharper, more intense images, even in bright light of day.
  3. Extra features are built into commercial grade digital signage units and their integration systems. These features can include customized software to let business operators sell and show local ads or special promotions to their audience. Image sensors are also part of the feature packages that aren’t in consumer displays. Rather, commercial displays can utilize facets of gestures, movement or touch screen technology for better engagement with viewers.
  4. Commercial grade digital signage units are built for rigorous use, far more than your normal consumer screen. Because of this, commercial grade displays won’t fade or burn from overuse in a few month’s time. Simply put, consumer TV displays do not measure up when it comes to always-on use in public business settings. Because of their limitations, the consumer models do not offer the intended ROI for the business user.
  5. Lastly, the key benefit for the operator in using commercial grade displays is the service and support it gets from its reseller team. If a bar owner goes out and buys 3-5 consumer displays for his business at retail, the service and support will not be available when these units start to crash and burn. Only using commercial grade reseller companies like CCS Presentation Systems can a business get help when needed for its commercial grade digital displays.

If your company or organization is looking for a new commercial grade digital signage setup, contact the pros at CCS Presentation Systems. We can show you how using great equipment at the start will pay off with a greater ROI in the end.

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