What Can You Control with Your Boardroom Automation System?

One of the simplest ways in which you can increase the bottom line of your business is by simply boosting the productivity of everyone in the place and making sure all the systems are running to the maximum potential of their capacity. Automation is one way in which you can transform the room into anything that you want it to be within the click of a button. When the automation system is installed properly, you will manage to switch off the lights for a power point presentation, prepare the conference room for a video conference within seconds and shut everything down for a one on one meeting. Here is the full range of things which you can achieve with a boardroom automation system.

The AV equipment

One of the most important applications used is the projector systems. It is possible to get a clearly labelled system on your touchpad which will be configured to make sure that within the touch of a button, you can turn on multiple displays including projectors and control how you want them used. This is far more efficient than spending those awkward first few minutes of an important presentation wondering which wire goes where. What is even better is the fact that you can actually control the system wirelessly from another part of the office.

The lighting and shading

When the lighting is right, the employees pay attention and brainstorming sessions go on successfully. On the other hand, when the lighting and shade is not right, people will doze off, or become cranky, especially in case of excessive brightness. When you have an automated system, you are able to dim the lights when there is a multimedia presentation and turn on the spotlights when you need to highlight a particular speaker during the meeting.

Temperature control

Another thing that comes with being crammed together for a meeting is that the air gets stuffy really fast. When this happens, everyone is left feeling warm and uncomfortable and people who cannot cope even doze off. When you have an automated system, you can simply turn on the AC when the air needs to be cooled down a little and then turn it back off when everyone has left. The automated system also controls the quality of indoor air, temperature, and humidity among other factors. A weather-controlled room boosts positive interactions and productivity.

Room management

Another benefit that you will get from the automated boardroom management system is that you can actually control the room itself. There are systems which are sophisticated enough to allow you to make schedules depending on when the room will be in use and when it will not. The automated systems can come with a card-readers which turn red when a room is scheduled to be used, or can even be turned off when the room is scheduled to be used so that access can be restricted.

These are some of the things that you can control with an automated boardroom system. However, before the room automation is completed, there are certain appliances which make the entire system run perfectly. Make sure that your room has the following components:

· A high-end sound system for audios

· Excellent light and shading control systems

· High-fidelity visual equipment for all video content that will be shared.

· Networking equipment

· A central control system

When you have these systems in place, you will just need to application which can synch all of them up, creating a system which is easy to manage from any part of the process, enhances your experience as an office manager and helps you present a better face of the company in boardroom meetings with external clients. The key is in selecting the automation system which has the newest and most innovative features and making sure that the stated components of the Boardroom automation can be synched. As soon as you can do that, your office will be amazing.

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