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Using High Tech SAFE system to Keep Kids Safe in Schools

In the wake of December’s Connecticut school shootings, teachers and administrators all across the US are under pressure to formulate safety plans for the children in their schools.

These education professionals need to be prepared to assess and react to a variety of emergency situations every day. In some instances, a quick response can mean the difference between life and death. As school districts across the nation mull over various safety and emergency alert options, one school district is moving ahead with a technology solution from one of our partners.

The Nye County (Nevada) School District is testing a reliable emergency alert system in one of its schools, with the intention of rolling it out to others within the district.  The SAFE (Security Alert For Education) System is gaining awareness as more schools find opportunities to try out its unique safety system.

According to an NBC News article about the school district, the Nye County School District is spread across 18,000 square miles, and Superintendent Dale Norton needed to find a audio-video solution to put into place for the district. After consulting with SAFE management team, the district chose to work with Audio Enhancement Safe System – which involves video, audio and security.

The SAFE system works when a teacher wearing the teardrop microphone sends out a discreet signal for help by using the alert button built into the transmitter. An audible and visual alarm on the monitoring station in the front office notifies designated first responders immediately of the emergency alert.

School officials can monitor specific classrooms via monitors that are connected to in-room cameras and audio systems. In this way, they can check that everything is OK in the classrooms in real time. Or, should the need for an emergency assistance come up suddenly, officials can make the call for help.

Learn more from the clip below about how your school can benefits from purchasing the SAFE system through CCS Presentation Systems.

For more information of the SAFE audio enhancement system, check out our CCS Presentation Systems site for more specs on this truly necessary component of today’s safe classroom environment.

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