Upcoming Events – SUNY Technology Conference 2016

Join CCS New England at the 2016 SUNY Technology Conference

Show Date: June 14 & 15

Time: 6/14 – 3-7pm, 6/15 – 1-4pm

Location: The Conference Center at Lake Placid – Lake Placid, NY

Booth Spot: 445

The premiere New York State higher education technology conference and exhibition”

The theme of 2016’s conference: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things describes a state in which vast numbers of objects are interconnected over the Internet and can collect data and transmit and receive information. By interconnecting all kinds of objects and systems, the IoT could open new avenues of research and learning. The increasingly connected network of devices and data streams could coordinate campus physical spaces, integrating information from sensors embedded in objects including library resources, whiteboard writing surfaces, game boards, and robots. The data-rich environment engendered by so many devices sending information (with or without permission) raises serious concerns about privacy, security, and data ownership, and these issues involve new policy questions.

SUNY’s technology professionals have learned that key to successfully meeting these challenges are collaboration and sharing amongst themselves and with their technology partners. The annual SUNY Technology Conference is the foremost forum at which SUNY’s technology communities join together to grow as professionals, to learn about advances in the marketplace, and to discuss approaches for addressing common issues.

The Computing Officers Association (COA), the Telecommunications Officers Association (TOA) and the Educational Technology Officers Association (EdTOA) of SUNY convene this annual conference. These organizations consist of computing professionals, educators, telecommunication professionals, and media specialists from SUNY. The institutions represented include SUNY System Administration, four major university centers, nine other doctoral granting institutions, thirteen university colleges, eight technology colleges and thirty community colleges. Together they serve over 413,000 students.

SUNY technology has been built on the concepts of openness, community and sharing. For the past thirty years, SUNY campuses have worked together to build on the strength that comes from cooperation and collaboration. This belief in solving problems and meeting challenges collectively has resulted in historic multi-campus procurements and the development of major member cooperatives including the Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC), the Center for Professional Development, and the Student Information & Campus Administrative Systems Center (SICAS). The free sharing of campus expertise has been invaluable in the University’s technological evolution; on-loan campus data and telecommunication specialists were critical participants in the design and creation of the initial, award winning implementation of SUNYNet, the University’s first high speed network. SUNY in 1980 developed a comprehensive Administrative Business ERP System and in the spirit of today’s Open Source concept, offered its source code and the right to its use to any interested New York State entity. This early ERP implementation went on to become the basis for some commercial solutions on the market today.

The SUNY Technology Conference was built on this tradition with computing, media and telecommunication professionals acting as an open source community – sharing ideas, searching for solutions and evaluating emerging technologies that will continue the expansion of SUNY’s use of technology.

Want to reach out before the event? Email Deb Ricci at [email protected]

See you there!

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